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this game is really hard ... i like it

Thanks for playing! To finish this game you have to use tricks. The number to dial has a 6-digit number. Before entering the number into the phone, get on the table near the phone and wait for Teng Teng to walk away. When it's safe, go to the phone then enter the first 3 digits of the number and return to the table again. Likewise for the rest.

This was a fun game, good job! Maybe you could add a walk button so it's easier to maneuver the shelves?

Maybe you are right. I see people having trouble climbing bookshelves. Thanks for the feedback! Maybe I'll add that feature if I have time.


how to jump?

You can't jump there. What you can do is climb the bookshelf through the broken part of the shelf.

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cool and hard

Thankyou for playing! You know? Teng Teng's run may be faster, but you can turn faster. You can reverse direction suddenly when Teng Teng is right behind.

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@PlayAGA This actually really helped thx!